Wednesday, 31 December 2008

YesStyle 5 of 6

Website: YesStyle
Brand: Click South Korean Brand
Price: $25.20
Quality: 4/5
I love this hoodie. It is too cute ^-^. My previous haircut
(before my more Lego style now) made me look like the
character on my shirt, so when I showed my friends
I would pose oddly, mimicking the girl on my shirt. I'll tell you now
her arms are short and look a lot normaller posed than when I do it.
The sweater's quality is pretty good actually. A little thin...
(*kicks the horse*"Wake up horsey!") but compared to the others
it's good. The arms are kind of short...but that was the same
with the other sweater I got too (the best friends one).
I either have rather long appendages, or the clothes shrunk in the dryer.


deng said...

hey! I'm thinking of ordering stuff from YesStyle and I read your reviews :P I hope they keep me warm, lol XD

Cartoonist62 said...

Warm? Probably not. Stylish? Probably :) Almost all of it is really thin material, but hey that's the price we pay I guess :P