Thursday, 1 January 2009

YesStyle 6 of 6

Website: YesStyle
Brand: Click South Korean Brand
Price: $25.20
Quality: 2.5/5
Everything I bought from YesStyle, besides a pair of shoes,
were "One Size" (as in, hopefully, one size fits all Asians ;)
Everything fit me, except for this. I mean, I wear it, yes,
but, it's huge. When I first wore it to school my friends
they commented on the rather...over sized nature of it.
In the photo of the model above, it appears to be
fitted to an extent, not super huge or anything.
However on closer examination (just recently)
I noticed those weren't pleats, but wrinkles!
I was duped by wrinkles... and possibly clothing pins to make it look better on the models...
Anyways, I'm finding ways to wear it, I accept it's bagginess,
however it wasn't what I imagined. a sack.
If only this could have shrunk in the wash xD....

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