Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Cookies and....???

"Cookies and Their Appropriate Beverage Accompaniments"

(Pictured above, a confused glass, unable to shake the fear of making a wrong this glass you?)
I was recently eating a chocolate-chip cookie that I had baked, and as I am not-yet learned in the art of "how-long-to-bake-cookies-so-that-they-are-soft-kwan-doe" they were...a little...dried out? make it easier on my mouth, I decided to soak them in Apple Juice. Dip, rather. This is a natural instinct for me, as I have memories of my father dipping his cookies in Apple Juice. Curious as to if I was the only one who did this, I searched on the Internet,, nada, nothing! Can you believe it? I mean...hasn't everyone eaten a cookie with apple juice?
I do realize there is the traditional "milk & cookies" saying, however this only applies to oreo cookies, or some close knock-off.
So for those of you who need a guide, in the cookie world,
here you go! In Living Technicolor!
(courtesy of MS Paint.)
Cookies & Their Respective Partners


Rashai said...

Sometime I dip my biscuit in milk or coffee, but never try apple juice, I'll give it a try then..;)

XeroxtDave said...

I surely haven't heard of the apple juice dunking and I don't know if it would kill me, but I'll try it out. As for what to use in the art of dunking, I suggest milk but also warm beverages such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate... and I suppose in the way of meeting in the middle I would suggest hot apple cider. Also I'm pretty sure milk isn't just for oreos or the rip-off's thereof. That's down right ...cookiest. I say all cookies have their right to milky goodness, or previously mentioned beverages. As for your cold apple juice dunking aproach, I'll give it a try the next time I have chocolate chip cookies that are not soft. Perhaps even if they are soft...

Cartoonist62 said...

I must say when it comes to drinking hot beverages? Why that is a whole 'nother story! Why I'd have to do a whole different post on that. I mean what types of tea, with what cookies...and don't get me started on the all amazing Tim-Tam Slams....(you must have heard of them?).
One word of caution though, with the apple/cookie technique, you must be leary of soft cookies falling into the juice. That just gets icky, no one wants...crumbs in their juice ;).

XeroxtDave said...

I guess I don't know enough, if anything, about cookie/drink etiquette. You'll have to inform me all about it, when you feel like it some day. I'd like to know.

Oisterjosh said...

You seem to be quite the expert in cookie-dunking. Now, first of all, I'd have to say you're completely wrong in assuming milk is only fit for Oreo cookies (and knock-offs). Perhaps this is the case with your dry cookies, but definitely not with all cookies. I happen to enjoy a warm chocolate chip cookie in a nice, cold cup of milk. Granted, dry cookies may go better with apple juice, and I will definitely try this out asap, but don't go assuming milk is exclusively for Oreo cookies.

Also, on the topic of hot drinks, I totally agree with you. I haven't tried many things other than hot milk or hot chocolate. However, I have had my share of Tim Tam Slams. They are quite possibly the most delicious chocolate biscuits, and even more possibly the most dippable treat ever created. When I first had them, they were only Available in Australia, and my dad brought some back from a business trip. Recently, however, they have been exporting them around the world, including the Superstore by my house. After hearing the news, I almost wet myself with excitement. Soon after, I heard about Tim Tam Slams, the only possible way to improve on the Tim Tam's original taste. I obviously tried this as soon as I could get my paws on the unfortunately-numbered set of Tim Tams. 11. It's a prime number. THANKS, ARNOTT! NOW I CAN NEVER SHARE TIM TAMS EQUALLY UNLESS THERE ARE 11 PEOPLE PRESENT! Anyways, it took a couple tries to get the hang of it, but ever since then, I've been enjoying delicious Tim Tam Slams fairly often, and in large quantities.