Saturday, 20 December 2008

Sweet 18/ 낭랑18세

Wow this was cutting it pretty close, I only finished it last night.
Ah well I made my week deadline for it. :)
Language: Korean
Jung-Sook has been arranged to marry Hyuk-Joon since she was a child. Now, being of age, it is time for her to marry him. She's graduated from High school, but has no real dream in life, and decides getting married would be the easiest option. Hyuk-Joon is a prosecutor, who is 10 years older than Jung-Sook. He is a dedicated man, who is worried about Jung-Sook being too much of a kid to marry. This drama tells the story of their married life, with the many problems they face. Such as when Hyuk-Joon's ex-girlfriend returns, and wants him back. Will he choose to go back to his old flame, or will he find feelings for Jung-Sook?
This is one of the best dramas I've watched so far. I really enjoyed it. Perhaps it's just a relief to get away from the Jdramas for awhile....(I still love them, but they are well....). Anyways, I really thought the main actors did a good job. Especially Lee Dong-Gun, (as Hyuk Joon), you could really read his subtle facial expressions well, throughout the whole series. (I'm not saying he over-acted or anything ;) As well it was so nice to see some character development in a drama. The main area being in Han Ji-Hye's character, Jung-Sook, as she starts of rather immature (I admit I was worried I would have to watch episode after episode of those cliched "stubborn-dumb-women" cliche episodes. You know the ones I'm talking about, where they do things that you just just know will end with something bad happening, that no one else in their right mind would do...blahhh.). However, in the drama, she matures rather early on, and continues to all the way until the end. I grew to like her character a lot, it rang true (most of the time).
This a definite watch. So far this is one of my favorite Korean dramas. An interesting note: the two leads actually dated for 3 years.^-^ they seemed pretty cute together, too bad they broke up.

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