Saturday, 28 February 2009

At Home Dad/ アットホーム・ダッド

Genre: Comedy/Family
Language: Japanese

Kazuyuki Yamamura was a proud business man, who looked down on his neighbor Sugio Yusuke, a stay-at-home dad. However one day the tables are turned and his wife becomes the bread winner, while he is forced to take care of the house and his child.
How will his daily life go? Will he survive being an At Home Dad?

I watched this awhile ago, when I was all gung-ho Abe Hiroshi :). From what I can remember I quite enjoyed it. I normally...hate? too harsh....prefer not to watch shows with elementary aged children in it. They wreck everything T_T trying to be funny or insightful or what-have-you.....Anyways this one does okay, and thankfully focuses on him(Kazuyuki) and his journey to...home-maker status?

Cute comedy; although it's no kekkon dekinai otoko, but hey substitute the dog for a kid, and the wife for...his steak? There you go! (Probably the worse analogy every used)
Actually scratch that, just watch it as a family-friendly comedy and be done with it.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Little Wonder Girl (kwiyeoweo!)

This is just too cute.
Her name is Kim Yeeun, apparently, and this is her appearing on Star King (kvariety show)
>(I highly suggest you check it out in HD)<
I don't condone sexy dance moves for little kids
, ....
but the majority is just cutesy.
Normally I'd say, "aww poor kid being pushed to learn",
but man she had sass and attitude; I'm pretty sure she was having fun.
However I do worry about her future....don't go all Britney Spears by the time you're 6 kid!
I wish I could dance as good as her T_T;....

In case you didn't know she is dancing to Wonder Girl songs, a popular Korean girl group.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

My Girl/마이걸

Genre: Romance/Drama/Comedy
Language: Korean

Joo Yoo Rin is, sadly, in a difficult position. Her father has racked up debt, and she is now being chased my money collectors. She helps herself to an abandoned house, but is soon discovered by the rich owner Seol Gong Chan. He eventually asks her to pretend to be his long, lost cousin.; as his grandfather is in dire straits.

How will things end up when Gong Chan starts to fall in love with Yoo Rin? Especially since his best friend, Seo Jung Woo, is also in love with her! Plus he has a girlfriend already! Who will Yoo Rin choose, and will their trail of lies catch up with them?

Wow, another fabulous drama. I really liked this one....almost better than Full House (which is saying something.) It falls into a few pitfalls, like other dramas, such as some predictability. However it really isn't too bad! It doesn't drag things out unnecessarily either. I remember at one point expecting it to really milk something for episodes to come, but it was resolved in-episode. Finally! A drama with a little common sense! I admit the last few episodes disappointed me a bit, : ( drawn out more then I expected. The last episode seemed....hmm....strange. However I was content when it finished, cute, simple, the end.

I highly recommend this. Watch this now! pali!

Saturday, 14 February 2009

♥♥Happy Valentines Day♥♥

Well, its that sappy day again....
I worked, and nothing too special happened. Sold a lot of flowers....
(yay for taking buckets of almost-useless flower pictures, that are good for all occasions!)
However one kind customer bought me chocolates.
Strange, yes.
I thank you, Chili-Cheese-Potato-Skin-Man
(as I don't know your name, but remember the recipe you told me)
and I hope you, and everyone else has had a good v-day.
(I shared the chocolate kisses, so your good deed was spread through-out the staff :)

What did everyone else do today?
I personally think Valentines is basically for married people or couples,
so basically I'm not involved.

Can't wait for April 14th, then it's Black Day!
Where those of us without significant others eat black noodles (Korean Style :D )

Friday, 13 February 2009


Wow, this post was a pain! Had to re-write it all out after an attempt at embedding the soundtrack failed....
Genre: Drama, Baseball
Language: Japanese

Koichi Kawato is an, always, optimistic high school teacher. When he arrives at his new school he discovers the remnants of the old baseball team. Now it mainly comprises of a bunch of bad kids who smoke, and do other delinquent-y things; since being suspended from playing baseball because of initiating a violent attack against an opposing team. Koichi becomes determined to return the baseball club back to its former glory.

He teaches the kids how to never give up, and to fight for their dreams!

This is actually quite a good drama. (Although I'm probably a bit biased xD) A very feel-happy, empowering, style drama. You get sucked into it, even if you aren't into baseball :P. You grow to recognize the faults, and strengths of each member of the club. Plus Koichi, despite being optimist, isn't an idiot (most of the time)! Bonus!

Even just the theme song brings back such warm memories. (Kiseki by Greeeen. for your information)I watched this last summer with Rei, my host-sister, and it reminds me of our time together. We watched the drama series in a week, only 11 episodes, and fully enjoyed ourselves (It was also the first, and essentially only, time I ever used bit-torrent too....)

Watch this. I hope you end up with good memories of it too. It has a pretty satisfying ending from what I remember.....I admit, I had to watch the last two episodes without eng-subs. However.... I understood most of it, just horse-guy's Japanese threw me :P.
Plus...Shirota Yuu is in it too....♥....>_>;

Random Fact: Greeeen, the artists that sing the theme song are all dentists (or in school to become one), and have never shown their faces before to the public. Weird eh?

Saturday, 7 February 2009

열여덟 스물아홉 /18 vs. 29

Genre: Drama/Romance
Language: Korean

While on her way to file for a divorce, Yoo Hye-Chan gets into a car accident. When she wakes up, she has amnesia, and believes she is 18! It becomes even more complicated when Shin Ji-Young professes her love to Bong-man, and Kim Noon(a high school student, no less!) falls in love with Hye-Chan.

How will her husband Kang Bong-man react? Can he win her love again, and keep it safe? Or will history repeat itself? And will Hye-Chan ever regain her memory?

Finished this one on....Thursday. It is pretty good. I enjoyed watching Bong-man, played by Ryu Soo Young. I also liked the sister, and brother characters, with their little side plot. Their personalities seemed...the most real? However....Hye-Chan and a few other characters....definitely got on my nerves , it did improve closer to the end though :). I just found it annoying that every time Hye-Chan felt uncomfortable she just up and left! Talk about frustrating!
When I was looking at other reviews on this they called it a "Comedy", I really can't remember any parts being very funny. It was more drama driven I'd say.

Hmm...I'd say...."sure, watch this". Not my number 1 recommendation... but it's survivable, and not quite as drawn out as say....1% of Anything. Admittedly it can be...exasperating at try out some of my other recommended picks before this one. :)
(As always if you've seen this, let me know what you thought of it!)

By the way, I realize I keep my reviews rather vague, as I don't want to spoil it for others. However would you rather I went more in depth? Or is it okay leaving it up to you to decide, for when you see it? ♥Leave your comments below♥