Monday, 8 December 2008

My Little Bride/어린 신부

Genre: Romance/Comedy/Highschool
Language: Korean
Fifteen year old Boeun is just trying to get through her school years, as a normal kid. However her grandfather made a promise, to his old friend, that one of their children would marry. Both men only had sons though, so the duty now falls on their grandchildren. Despite the fact that it means a marriage between 15 year old Boeun and 20/30 something Sangmin. They do end up married. However Boeun falls for a young, baseball player at school, just as Sangmin starts his new job, as her school's new art teacher....Will an arranged marriage become true love, or can you be too young for marriage?
Well this is one of the first Kmovies I've seen. Short enough, that it kinda summed up something I could of seen being a bit of a weak drama. Pretty cute, except for the minor (pun intended) problem of, Boeun supposed to being only about 15.
If you're looking for a light hearted movie to spend an evening with, and don't mind a slightly creepy age difference watch this.
*Note: It's not that I have anything against large age-gaps in's just that the main girl is supposed to be a little gr.10'er. That's what weirds me out o_x;*

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Rashai said...

I watched this one couple years ago, not bad tho but nothing special, a bit to childish :)