Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Jya~ ne Rei! <3

Well today I said good-bye to my exchange student from Japan.
It was sad to see her go, after spending two weeks with her.
Nonetheless I felt no need to shed tears, as I phone over enough,
and hopefully will be returning this year...tabun (maybe)

Top 5 Things I Did w/ my Exchange Student:
1) Talking.
This might seem like a stupid answer, but I really loved talking to her.
We mainly spoke in Japanese, and really talked about a range of topics.
2) Cooking.
Since she doesn't have an oven in Japan, we baked a lot;
Boston Creme Cake, Choc. Cookie Pie, Choc. Chip Cookies,
Banana Choc. Cake, Vanilla Heart Cake, Cream Cheese Tarts, etc.
Which was a delicious time filler.
3) Watching Japanese Television
Thank-you Youtube and various other sources.
We watched Rookies together, although I had to go the last two episodes
w/o subs. As well I am now rather addicted to ShuchiShin's songs, so catchy.
4) Bowling
My Birthday was on the 15th and we had a small party.
The alley had no a/c so we all were dieing of heat,
but the second game was an awful lot of fun. We played crazy bowling,
i.e. bowling through your team's legs, bowling while on your stomach...etc.
5) Going to a Magic Forest (name changed to protect the innocent)
The nature walk was just gorgeous.

It was hard narrowing it down, as we also went swimming, to English lessons,
gave each other manicures, quilted, went to museums, used face-masks, and so much more.
I will miss having my "sister" around. She probably isn't even home quite yet,
as with the lay-overs her trip will probably take about 10 h.

Anyways that is my interesting update.
Oh by the way, I might soon be taking Korean lessons.
Let's hope for the best!