Saturday, 27 December 2008

Love Me Not/사랑따윈 필요없어

Two posts in one day....strange I know.
This had to be done today though. I guess I'll bite the bullet this once ;).
Genre: Drama
Language: Korean

Julian is a manipulator, who seduces money from rich woman.
However he finds himself in debt, that must be repaid in a month,
otherwise he will be killed. He decides to pose as the,
previously believed as dead, brother of Min, a rich, but blind, orphan.
As the movie progresses so does their relationship.
Will both learn to trust one another, or will Julian really kill Min for her money?

Hmm...I watched this because it was one of Mysoju's
Top 10 Movies of the Week. So I assumed it would be good.
However I wasn't too impressed. (I admit I normally find Asian movies
disappointing.) I wasn't really drawn in to either character much.
As well I found it...ah...I can't seem to explain my dislike for it well.....
Although I admit the ending was strong, I liked the ending,
tragic though it was. (Is that a spoiler?...highlight to read..I thought it was
pretty obvious that they both died,.. )
One thought though, I might not have been drawn in since I
did watch it on Christmas, and I had to keep pausing it,
running and doing something, and coming back.
Maybe I could of been roped in better, if I had watched it all at once.
Perhaps it was my dislike in the way Julian found his money too,
I would of rathered he was a mafia boss or something...

I would be interested in hearing someone elses review. :)

Final word...I wouldn't bother watching it.
It is a melodrama, if you love those,
well then maybe go for it.
Anyways I won't be watching it again anytime soon.

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