Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas・メリクリスマス・메리 쿠리스 마 스

Well not much I can say.... I broke out the accordion today. Man, was it heavy, but I persevered =_=;. So now you get stuck with the results, as I had no idea what to put up for Christmas. Sorry for having no festive background. We didn't get a tree again this year. (Not that I mind.) My family isn't big into the commercialized Christmas :). Bah humbug to you Santa!

All I did a few gifts, watch Korean drama with my mom, and I went with my family to our Christmas dinner that we help with, it's a dinner for those who don't have anywhere else to go. An outreach if you will, from our church. Finished cleaning up by 6:30. Now it's around 10:00, (I don't really remember what I just wasted those hours in between on...I was on the computer anyways.) Wow...that's pretty sad I can't remember....Oh right! I finished watching a Korean movie for my review later this week. :) yay I remembered!

So now I'm going to continue watching Korean Drama with my mom.
Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings, and Merry Christmas ^-^.

メリクリスマス/메리 쿠리스 마 스

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Oisterjosh said...

Is it even legal to not get a tree for Christmas? Not even a little fake one or something? :O