Wednesday, 31 December 2008

YesStyle 5 of 6

Website: YesStyle
Brand: Click South Korean Brand
Price: $25.20
Quality: 4/5
I love this hoodie. It is too cute ^-^. My previous haircut
(before my more Lego style now) made me look like the
character on my shirt, so when I showed my friends
I would pose oddly, mimicking the girl on my shirt. I'll tell you now
her arms are short and look a lot normaller posed than when I do it.
The sweater's quality is pretty good actually. A little thin...
(*kicks the horse*"Wake up horsey!") but compared to the others
it's good. The arms are kind of short...but that was the same
with the other sweater I got too (the best friends one).
I either have rather long appendages, or the clothes shrunk in the dryer.

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

YesStyle 4 of 6

Website: YesStyle
Brand: Romy South Korean Brand
Price: $31.50
Quality: 3/5
This is a really cute shirt/dress. It is very thin,
(noticing a pattern yet?) but I bumped it up to a
3 in quality because...I think it's worth it despite that.
One word of caution, be careful ironing it!
I just about ruined it! The material is synthetic
(I'm assuming). After I ironed it I noticed
that part of the pink overlay had melted away!
Thankfully it was just in the corner,
near the edge of the bib. >_>;

Monday, 29 December 2008

YesStyle Clothing 3 of 6

Website: YesStyle
Brand: Mix & Match South Korean Brand
Price: $19.80
Quality: 3/5
I really like this shirt, it was well represented by it's pictures.
Although I did expect the lettering to be a bit...pinker.
Once again, thinner material than you find around here.
However this is one of my favorites of the clothing I bought,
casual, but different :).

Side Note:
My prices are a bit different then on the site, as I ordered during a
time when all the Korean brands were on sale. :) I'm a bargain hunter...
I also got free shipping, which was crazy nice, since all my stuff was sent
from South Korea, to Hong Kong, to me. Quite the journey.

Sunday, 28 December 2008

YesStyle Clothing 2 of 6

Website: YesStyle
Store Brand: Beige South Korean Brand
Quality: 2/5
Actually I wore this today, with a bright aqua necklace, looked cute.
I like this, even though it makes me look like a peasant.
It did shrink a lot though, compared to when I first opened the box!
Since none of the clothing I bought had labels on them, I just decided
I would wash them regularly (in a machine) and accept what would
happen. (Well actually my mom decided that, and I found out later.)
I liked it longer, however I am content with the shorter version :.
Just so you know though, the material is really thin.
Like...think thinner than those cheap graphic tees you get for $10 on sale ;).
It was pretty pricey too, although I tried to think of it as a shirt and a vest.
This shirt is no longer available to buy, I guess thats a good sign ^_^

means it was popular right?

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Love Me Not/사랑따윈 필요없어

Two posts in one day....strange I know.
This had to be done today though. I guess I'll bite the bullet this once ;).
Genre: Drama
Language: Korean

Julian is a manipulator, who seduces money from rich woman.
However he finds himself in debt, that must be repaid in a month,
otherwise he will be killed. He decides to pose as the,
previously believed as dead, brother of Min, a rich, but blind, orphan.
As the movie progresses so does their relationship.
Will both learn to trust one another, or will Julian really kill Min for her money?

Hmm...I watched this because it was one of Mysoju's
Top 10 Movies of the Week. So I assumed it would be good.
However I wasn't too impressed. (I admit I normally find Asian movies
disappointing.) I wasn't really drawn in to either character much.
As well I found it...ah...I can't seem to explain my dislike for it well.....
Although I admit the ending was strong, I liked the ending,
tragic though it was. (Is that a spoiler?...highlight to read..I thought it was
pretty obvious that they both died,.. )
One thought though, I might not have been drawn in since I
did watch it on Christmas, and I had to keep pausing it,
running and doing something, and coming back.
Maybe I could of been roped in better, if I had watched it all at once.
Perhaps it was my dislike in the way Julian found his money too,
I would of rathered he was a mafia boss or something...

I would be interested in hearing someone elses review. :)

Final word...I wouldn't bother watching it.
It is a melodrama, if you love those,
well then maybe go for it.
Anyways I won't be watching it again anytime soon.

YesStyle Clothing 1 of 6

Well I actually did buy clothes from YesStyle,
not long after my post about it. I received them in November,
but I never got around to putting them up here.
I know, that heart looks creepy, but whenever I post stuff,
I admit to thinking, "if I were a stalker, what would I think?"
Lame, I know. It was drilled into me,
along with chat rooms are bad, (I still only lurk on forums, never posted),
and don't tell anyone where you live.
Well, thanks a lot Google Analytics, or any other program,
that pinpoints my vague location! -__-;....
I remember I always felt guilty if someone asked me "a/s/l/"
on Inklink when I was younger....

(I admit I was really good at that game, I finally left for isketch, since it wasn't much fun
after winning all the time... and they upgraded to the "InkLink Beta" or something,
....where I didn't have all the words memorized ;) topic much.
I admit it's kinda drawing it out by doing a post for almost each article,
but I feel like it is necessary to review each one.
I mean look how long this is without even talking about the clothes!

Website: YesStyle
Store Brand: Shirt-Sechuna Skirt-Romy Both are South Korean Brands
Price: Shirt-$19.80 Skirt-$13.50
(Prices listed in USD because thats how the website displays my account info)
Quality: 3/5
Well both items are cute, and true to their catalog photo.
(I actually combined two photos for the "catalog" photo shown here)
The skirt seems like the elastic might want to twist in the washer,
but so far so good. I'd say average quality for a cheaper store. They are "One Size Fits All" so for once I am a normal size I guess :D. I must of been made for asian clothes :)

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas・メリクリスマス・메리 쿠리스 마 스

Well not much I can say.... I broke out the accordion today. Man, was it heavy, but I persevered =_=;. So now you get stuck with the results, as I had no idea what to put up for Christmas. Sorry for having no festive background. We didn't get a tree again this year. (Not that I mind.) My family isn't big into the commercialized Christmas :). Bah humbug to you Santa!

All I did a few gifts, watch Korean drama with my mom, and I went with my family to our Christmas dinner that we help with, it's a dinner for those who don't have anywhere else to go. An outreach if you will, from our church. Finished cleaning up by 6:30. Now it's around 10:00, (I don't really remember what I just wasted those hours in between on...I was on the computer anyways.) Wow...that's pretty sad I can't remember....Oh right! I finished watching a Korean movie for my review later this week. :) yay I remembered!

So now I'm going to continue watching Korean Drama with my mom.
Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings, and Merry Christmas ^-^.

メリクリスマス/메리 쿠리스 마 스

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Sweet 18/ 낭랑18세

Wow this was cutting it pretty close, I only finished it last night.
Ah well I made my week deadline for it. :)
Language: Korean
Jung-Sook has been arranged to marry Hyuk-Joon since she was a child. Now, being of age, it is time for her to marry him. She's graduated from High school, but has no real dream in life, and decides getting married would be the easiest option. Hyuk-Joon is a prosecutor, who is 10 years older than Jung-Sook. He is a dedicated man, who is worried about Jung-Sook being too much of a kid to marry. This drama tells the story of their married life, with the many problems they face. Such as when Hyuk-Joon's ex-girlfriend returns, and wants him back. Will he choose to go back to his old flame, or will he find feelings for Jung-Sook?
This is one of the best dramas I've watched so far. I really enjoyed it. Perhaps it's just a relief to get away from the Jdramas for awhile....(I still love them, but they are well....). Anyways, I really thought the main actors did a good job. Especially Lee Dong-Gun, (as Hyuk Joon), you could really read his subtle facial expressions well, throughout the whole series. (I'm not saying he over-acted or anything ;) As well it was so nice to see some character development in a drama. The main area being in Han Ji-Hye's character, Jung-Sook, as she starts of rather immature (I admit I was worried I would have to watch episode after episode of those cliched "stubborn-dumb-women" cliche episodes. You know the ones I'm talking about, where they do things that you just just know will end with something bad happening, that no one else in their right mind would do...blahhh.). However, in the drama, she matures rather early on, and continues to all the way until the end. I grew to like her character a lot, it rang true (most of the time).
This a definite watch. So far this is one of my favorite Korean dramas. An interesting note: the two leads actually dated for 3 years.^-^ they seemed pretty cute together, too bad they broke up.

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Christmas Foods #2: Eggnog (and things made by it)

I really couldn't tell you why Eggnog is seasonal,
I mean it's eggs, milk, sugar, and some spices....>_>
Anyways, last night I made some Eggnog Bread.
(first time trying it, and it was an okay recipe)

For your information, no, that isn't a big burnt piece in the middle....
that was supposed to be the "cinnamon swirl",
that ended up being a "cinnamon chunk",
as I made it first....and the butter wasn't still melty,
when the time came to "swirl" it into the bread.....

As for these cookies they are Eggnog Cookies.
Fresh from today. A pasty looking cookie,
but yummy nonetheless.
(I discovered the recipe for them last year,
and it was a hit!)
I suppose I should put the recipes up. Bah I'm such a lazybug....

Here is a link instead:
Eggnog Cinnamon Swirl Bread courtesy Recipe Zaar/Mirj

Quick Review:
I omitted the toffee pieces and pecans, as I didn't have them.
The edges were a little browner than I would have liked,
but otherwise easy, and pretty good.
And now I guess I the holiday spirit,
type out the eggnog recipe give you another link!
Eggnog Cookies courtesy of Recipe Zaar/Connie C.
(I just about did, but I realized that one was the same as
my recipe....I probably found it on that site to begin with anyways.)

So that is another probably too-long blog post ;).
Now a question for you...
What is the difference between original and classic eggnog?
Do you drink eggnog during the Christmas Season exclusively?

(I actually almost never drink eggnog,
I find it too strong, even when milked-down...
although the smell... okay it smells good :).
I wonder if you can freeze eggnog...?
so I could make eggnog cookies in march.....)

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Christmas Foods #1: Mini Honey Mandarin Oranges

These tiny oranges are about the size of a...flattish ping pong ball...?
But they pack a punch! They are super sweet :) and have
hardly any rind. (I know, I know.... that's supposed to be the healthiest part
..... but...bah!...when I was little I wouldn't eat any oranges,
because of all that "white stuff" on them)

Working as a cashier, I see a lot of yummy things go through my till.
One of these things were the Mini Honey Mandarin Oranges.
I had heard they were like eating candy. On one of the brands it
even had a light conversation between oranges.
Big Orange: I'm bigger!
Little Orange: But I'm sweeter!
I mean talk about marketing! I was rather convinced of their amazingness...
So now they sit, all cleanly washed ^_^
(I always wash produce before eating it).
I am happily indulging in these, hoping somehow, that all this
Vitamin C will kill all the cold bugs I have... and that I won't die
from led poisoning or anything (it says MADE IN CHINA ;)...

On a side note, I can handle most things, headaches, fever...whatever.
I have a pretty high pain tolerance. However once my
nose gets plugged.....I admit it....I turn into a baby.
Perhaps one day they will find a cure for a stuffy nose....

Monday, 8 December 2008

My Little Bride/어린 신부

Genre: Romance/Comedy/Highschool
Language: Korean
Fifteen year old Boeun is just trying to get through her school years, as a normal kid. However her grandfather made a promise, to his old friend, that one of their children would marry. Both men only had sons though, so the duty now falls on their grandchildren. Despite the fact that it means a marriage between 15 year old Boeun and 20/30 something Sangmin. They do end up married. However Boeun falls for a young, baseball player at school, just as Sangmin starts his new job, as her school's new art teacher....Will an arranged marriage become true love, or can you be too young for marriage?
Well this is one of the first Kmovies I've seen. Short enough, that it kinda summed up something I could of seen being a bit of a weak drama. Pretty cute, except for the minor (pun intended) problem of, Boeun supposed to being only about 15.
If you're looking for a light hearted movie to spend an evening with, and don't mind a slightly creepy age difference watch this.
*Note: It's not that I have anything against large age-gaps in's just that the main girl is supposed to be a little gr.10'er. That's what weirds me out o_x;*

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Cookies and....???

"Cookies and Their Appropriate Beverage Accompaniments"

(Pictured above, a confused glass, unable to shake the fear of making a wrong this glass you?)
I was recently eating a chocolate-chip cookie that I had baked, and as I am not-yet learned in the art of "how-long-to-bake-cookies-so-that-they-are-soft-kwan-doe" they were...a little...dried out? make it easier on my mouth, I decided to soak them in Apple Juice. Dip, rather. This is a natural instinct for me, as I have memories of my father dipping his cookies in Apple Juice. Curious as to if I was the only one who did this, I searched on the Internet,, nada, nothing! Can you believe it? I mean...hasn't everyone eaten a cookie with apple juice?
I do realize there is the traditional "milk & cookies" saying, however this only applies to oreo cookies, or some close knock-off.
So for those of you who need a guide, in the cookie world,
here you go! In Living Technicolor!
(courtesy of MS Paint.)
Cookies & Their Respective Partners

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Hana Yori Dango Finale/花より男子ファイナル

Language: Japanese
(I realized I haven't reviewed the Hana Yori Dango series, but I'm sure I will eventually.)

This is the story of Makino Tsukushi(Mao Inoue), and Tsukasa Domyoji(Matsumoto Jun), who are to be married in the Spring. After officially announcing their engagement, Domyoji's mother presents the "Smile of Venus", an amazing crown, worth billions. However it is stolen and they then must chase it around the world. Will they be able to regain the crown and are they really compatible for marriage together?

I'll start off with saying, this is a movie, not a drama. I normally find Japanese movies to be...disappointing. I find that they are like....over-cliched extra episodes. I'd say this could even be considered a souped-up SP, not even a movie ;). However apparently it did well in Japan...
Anyways, if you liked Hana Yori Dango you'll want to see it (like I did). As I finished watching this today, it's still pretty fresh in my mind.... Like I said, it's okay, nothing more, nothing less. I was rather amused at how they portrayed an American trucker though....ah I always love seeing the Japanese-English at work in Jshows.

In closing, watch it if you've seen the Hana Yori Dango series. If you haven't then....go watch the dramas first. ^_~.
Random Note: I actually have the photo book for this movie, Rei (my Japanese exchange student), brought it for me.