Saturday, 27 December 2008

YesStyle Clothing 1 of 6

Well I actually did buy clothes from YesStyle,
not long after my post about it. I received them in November,
but I never got around to putting them up here.
I know, that heart looks creepy, but whenever I post stuff,
I admit to thinking, "if I were a stalker, what would I think?"
Lame, I know. It was drilled into me,
along with chat rooms are bad, (I still only lurk on forums, never posted),
and don't tell anyone where you live.
Well, thanks a lot Google Analytics, or any other program,
that pinpoints my vague location! -__-;....
I remember I always felt guilty if someone asked me "a/s/l/"
on Inklink when I was younger....

(I admit I was really good at that game, I finally left for isketch, since it wasn't much fun
after winning all the time... and they upgraded to the "InkLink Beta" or something,
....where I didn't have all the words memorized ;) topic much.
I admit it's kinda drawing it out by doing a post for almost each article,
but I feel like it is necessary to review each one.
I mean look how long this is without even talking about the clothes!

Website: YesStyle
Store Brand: Shirt-Sechuna Skirt-Romy Both are South Korean Brands
Price: Shirt-$19.80 Skirt-$13.50
(Prices listed in USD because thats how the website displays my account info)
Quality: 3/5
Well both items are cute, and true to their catalog photo.
(I actually combined two photos for the "catalog" photo shown here)
The skirt seems like the elastic might want to twist in the washer,
but so far so good. I'd say average quality for a cheaper store. They are "One Size Fits All" so for once I am a normal size I guess :D. I must of been made for asian clothes :)

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