Sunday, 12 April 2009

Custard Pudding KitKat

Happy Easter!
In Japan they have quite the wide variety of KitKat flavors.
Unlike Canada....which I think only has "KitKat" flavor
and maybe if you look hard enough"Dark KitKat".
While I was in Japan I was able to pick up a few of these Japanese treats.
So I will do my best to share them with you. :D
Today's KitKat: Custard Pudding Flavor!
(68 Calories!)
(Observe the in-english easy-open directions. I love how almost everything in Japan is easy-open :D)
Looks: White Chocolate?
Smell: Sweet, Strong, Vanilla (Basically smells like powdered Jell-O pudding)
Taste: I'd say the the name is pretty accurate. Not pure pudding, but custard-pudding. Kinda like licking the bowl of a vanilla cake mix (we all know what that tastes like ♥)
Score: 5/5 I would buy these often if they were over here. I'd say its maybe even better than a regular kitkat.
I'm actually pretty sad, since I think I just ate the last one doing this review T_T.
(A Close-Up of Deliciousness!)

Sunday, 5 April 2009

"Honey, I'm Home ♥"

(The shoes pictured above are Ugly + Used = and are approx. $230.00 Canadian)
Well I got home on tuesday.
With a throat, ear and chest infection. Ah I love Japan.
Last year I got sick too, but had only a week to get sick.
This time around, with two weeks, I had a pretty awful time coming back.
However my stay was enjoyable.
Made a tonne of wonderful memories with my Host Family, and worked on improving my Japanese. Almost the entire time I spoke only Japanese, which was exactly what I wanted. I did long for some English conversation a few times, but I survived :). I was able to understand most of the stuff people said to me, however that was normally in simplified Japanese, or so I'm thinking ;).

First Week:
-Had school in Japan (a big woot for school uniforms ^-^)
-Discovered I'm not a fan of natto (fermented soy beans :x)
Basically smells like nail polish...>_>
-Rode a bike to school (dangerous to say the least)
-Went to Disney Land
-Sat through an 8 hour piano recital T_T
-Ate delicious food ♥ such as gyoza
-Began to get sick

Second Week:
-Had School in Japan
-Went to Disney Sea & Fuji TV
-Went shell hunting for clams, and to a nearby spa.
-Bought, ridiculously cheap, music from a second hand store
-Bought some cute clothing :D all pretty cheap too.
-Went to Asakusa, Ueno, Shibuya, Harajuku, Ikebukuro and Namja Land (a.k.a. Ghost Cat Town?)
-Watched the Gokusen III Special
☻Died just about every day from being sick.

I did mean to have this blog continue to update without me.
However the day before, when I tried to post it in advance, it wouldn't let me o_o;.
It was messing with me, so I had to let it go....
Will try to go back to updating, but school is pretty busy right now.
Will also try to do a few posts on my time in Japan.
For now, off to dinner :)