Thursday, 18 December 2008

Christmas Foods #2: Eggnog (and things made by it)

I really couldn't tell you why Eggnog is seasonal,
I mean it's eggs, milk, sugar, and some spices....>_>
Anyways, last night I made some Eggnog Bread.
(first time trying it, and it was an okay recipe)

For your information, no, that isn't a big burnt piece in the middle....
that was supposed to be the "cinnamon swirl",
that ended up being a "cinnamon chunk",
as I made it first....and the butter wasn't still melty,
when the time came to "swirl" it into the bread.....

As for these cookies they are Eggnog Cookies.
Fresh from today. A pasty looking cookie,
but yummy nonetheless.
(I discovered the recipe for them last year,
and it was a hit!)
I suppose I should put the recipes up. Bah I'm such a lazybug....

Here is a link instead:
Eggnog Cinnamon Swirl Bread courtesy Recipe Zaar/Mirj

Quick Review:
I omitted the toffee pieces and pecans, as I didn't have them.
The edges were a little browner than I would have liked,
but otherwise easy, and pretty good.
And now I guess I the holiday spirit,
type out the eggnog recipe give you another link!
Eggnog Cookies courtesy of Recipe Zaar/Connie C.
(I just about did, but I realized that one was the same as
my recipe....I probably found it on that site to begin with anyways.)

So that is another probably too-long blog post ;).
Now a question for you...
What is the difference between original and classic eggnog?
Do you drink eggnog during the Christmas Season exclusively?

(I actually almost never drink eggnog,
I find it too strong, even when milked-down...
although the smell... okay it smells good :).
I wonder if you can freeze eggnog...?
so I could make eggnog cookies in march.....)


XeroxtDave said...

And that's why eggnog is so good and wonderful. I wonder, how do you have your 'nog? I like to have it plain, but I also like it with rum, Coke, root beer, and chocolate milk.

Rashai said...

Wish you a Joyful Christmas time..

Cartoonist62 said...

Well if I do drink it(eggnog) I drink it with milk. However...that pop idea sounds okay, it would have to be flat though. I'm anti-fizz ;).

Merry Christmas Everyone :) only 5 days.

XeroxtDave said...

Um... I'm fairly certain, not completely because maybe I just don't notice it, that when you put pop in eggnog, you don't notice the fizz at all. So don't wait until your pop goes flat until you mix it with the ol' nog. The nog cancels the fizz out. Also, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Oisterjosh said...

I drink my eggnog milked down as well. Preferably with about 3 parts eggnog to 1 part milk.
I'll try the Coke idea though, as I have the ingredients :)

I totally want to try making the eggnog cookies as well. I'll let you know how they turn out if I ever get around to making them :P

Oisterjosh said...

I made eggnog cookies...or rather, I made the dough, and didn't have time to cook it, and have been eating the dough instead

Cartoonist62 said...

Well as far as cookie doughs go, the eggnog dough is pretty good. I mean it's no chocolate chip, but it's still yummy. I would suggest you cook a few, and not eat too much. I don't want to be blamed for you contracting Salmonella!