Monday, 27 July 2009

Attention Please/アテンションプリーズ

Genre: Comedy
Language: Japanese

Youko is a tomboy/rocker-chick, who finds herself at a where she needs to choose her path for life. Youko wanted to confess her love, but he left on a to the big city before she could. She begins job hunting, and decides to go to a Flight Attendant interview, and somehow passes.
So this drama chronicles the ups and downs of her training, plus a smidgen of romance.

Can Youko really become a put-together, and gentile "Cabin Attendant".

Hmm typical Japanese quirky humour? Is that what I'd call it? I didn't mind this series, not a favorite though. I mainly found it interesting to see what the training for an air stewardess' job is. The main girl is a little....annoying? Exasperating? A little too "Ganbarimasuse" ?

If you're interested in the life of a Flight Attendant, then sure watch this. If you like overly perky, slang-using heroines, then watch this. If not, then...don't watch this drama.

Monday, 20 July 2009

아빠셋 엄마하나/Three Dads One Mom

This ones a keeper! ☺
Genre: Comedy/Romance
Language: Korean

Sung Min wants to provide a baby for his wife, Na Young, but finds it difficult to do. So he, secretly, asks his three closest friends to donate their sperm. They originally agree, but eventually beg him not to use it. During all this drama, Na Young becomes pregnant, but before his friends can makes sure he didn't use their sperm......he gets into a car crash and dies. A pregnant Na Young has to depend heavily on Sung Min's friends, even moving in with them, but what will happen?
Will she fall in love with one of them?
Which one is the true father?
Will Na Young ever find out about what they did?
I just finished this drama last month or so. I loved it. It is actually pretty funny, and the romance is there too. (Normally I hate kids in movies...but this kid is too darn cute! Plus she doesn't talk, so it's the perfect baby-combo!) The three main guys are each special. You, as the viewer, are actually torn between which one she should go for. I admit I predicted the ending, however it did have me guessing a little to the end. It really looked like they were going to have her end up with a certain fellow....

This is one of my top dramas so far! Too cute! Funny and Romantic!

Starts out a little slow, and I was a little frustrated with the actions of the lead female, but she evens out after a few episodes.

Besides, how can you say no to this face? Ha Seon-Ah~♥

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Traditional Music + Kpop = ?

Sorea is an awesome group that does renditions of Kpop with tradition Korean instruments (and some modern ones too). From the BigBang/2NE1 synthpop "Lollipop" to the girly pop of SNSD's "Gee".

This is their latest, of SNSD's newest single "Genie/Tell Me Your Wish".
Not only do they sound great, they look like they're having a blast ^-^.You can find them at and on youtube under, you guessed it, Soreagroup.

You can watch the original SNSD MV here.

As a bonus, here is a medly of Super Junior's "It's You" & "Sorry, Sorry" (which I featured on here before)
Two of my favorite songs, of late.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Happy Canada Day! | |%| |

Canada turns 142!
Do you do anything special for Canada Day?
In my area we have a parade, a little carnival/game thingy, and fireworks.
I love Canada :)
I'd list the reasons why, but I'm off to the parade ta ta!