Sunday, 14 December 2008

Christmas Foods #1: Mini Honey Mandarin Oranges

These tiny oranges are about the size of a...flattish ping pong ball...?
But they pack a punch! They are super sweet :) and have
hardly any rind. (I know, I know.... that's supposed to be the healthiest part
..... but...bah!...when I was little I wouldn't eat any oranges,
because of all that "white stuff" on them)

Working as a cashier, I see a lot of yummy things go through my till.
One of these things were the Mini Honey Mandarin Oranges.
I had heard they were like eating candy. On one of the brands it
even had a light conversation between oranges.
Big Orange: I'm bigger!
Little Orange: But I'm sweeter!
I mean talk about marketing! I was rather convinced of their amazingness...
So now they sit, all cleanly washed ^_^
(I always wash produce before eating it).
I am happily indulging in these, hoping somehow, that all this
Vitamin C will kill all the cold bugs I have... and that I won't die
from led poisoning or anything (it says MADE IN CHINA ;)...

On a side note, I can handle most things, headaches, fever...whatever.
I have a pretty high pain tolerance. However once my
nose gets plugged.....I admit it....I turn into a baby.
Perhaps one day they will find a cure for a stuffy nose....


XeroxtDave said...

Wait, so did you wash the orange before or after peeling it? I just think it's a bit weird to wash it after peeling it. I've never heard of that. Course I've never heard of chocolate chip cookies and apple juice either...

Cartoonist62 said...

Hehe that was a before wash cycle ;). I may be a germ-a-phobe but I don't wash my fruit after peeling...normally.
(There are exceptions such as if you drop it on the floor though....)

Anonymous said...

These mini oranges are so good! I eat them all the time...too bad I can't find them in the stores. They are always sold out. I guess they must be a popular thing.

Anonymous said...

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