Monday, 22 March 2010

Update ^-^

So I'm off to Japan again early tomorrow morning.
Therefore no updates are a given :P Mata ne~

Currently Watching: (3)
Pasta (Only need to watch the Finale)
God of Study (only one or two episodes left)

Will One Day Finish: (3)
Smile, You (not really digging this one....)
Ando Natsu (trying to get back into Japanese drama...<_<)>
Queen Seon Duk (T_T so many episodes...50)

Reviews to Come: (9)
Beethoven Virus
My Name is Kim Sam Soon
My Fair Lady
Lovers in Paris
That Fool
Coffee Prince
Shining Inheritance
Hello Miss!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Genre: Drama
Language: Korean

Lee Seo Jeong enters into the fashion world, when she wants to become a journalist. She quickly realizes that just writing skills won't get her far, as she discovers the cut-throat world of a fashion magazine. Park Gi Ja, the boss at "Style" magazine, is a cold and career driven women, who never removes her heals and never shows any weakness. Add an evil sponsor, the "nice guy", and a chef gone chief, and you have Style.
Will SeoJeong become the editor she dreams of becoming?
Who will take over Style magazine when sponsors begin to pull out?

Style had it's heels pointed in the right direction, but took some bad turns. Dubbed the "Korean Devil Wears Prada" I could see it, and I enjoyed watching for the most part, but I don't think I could watch it again. It took me quite awhile to warm up to Lee Seo Jeong....I just found her to be rather frustrating at times. Ryu Shiwon's character made no sense whatsoever to me, either. One minute he was nice, the next he was angsty, the next in love, and the next emotionless, I couldn't understand any of it. There was a few glimmers of hope though, mainly through Park Gi Ja, Kim Hye Soo's character. Kim Hye Soo did a phenomenal job, and made someone you couldn't straight out hate, and that you grew to love. Some episodes I quite enjoyed, however the rest seemed like a strange mishmash of odd side plots.

I would say watch it, if you like Park Gi Ja and her, "Do it with edge!" as she basically carries the drama. I would wait for her scenes as she was the one who made it interesting.
It has some good moments, but others just fall flat.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

You're Beautiful/미남이시네요

Genre: Romance
Language: Korean

Go Mi Nyu is just a young nun, who is excited to go to a convent in Italy. However her plans are irreversibly changed when her twin brother's agent whisks her away to become the next top boy idol! Taking her brother's place, until he returns from America, she pretends to be Go Mi Nam, the boy with the angelic voice. She becomes a part of A.N.J.E.L.L. a boy band consisting of TaeKyung, Shinwoo, and Jeremy, all princes in their own right.

Can Mi Nyu keep up the charade long enough for her brother to return?
Can she keep her own feelings in check when she begins to fall in love?

I love this drama. I admit at first I was worried I would be frustrated with Go Mi Nyu, however I was pleasantly surprised. This is one of my top dramas. From the infamous pig scene, to the random music parodies, this is a keeper. You ended up with a soft spot for each of the guys, and had a hard time rooting for just one. The absurd situations that the characters encountered kept it fresh. The supporting cast, from the manager, Lee Hongki, or Yonghwa they all did very well. (I was particularly surprised by Hongki! He had a very moving scene....)
I have to admit though, without Jang Geun Suk I don't think this drama would have reached the height it did. He was the rock for this drama; he had a great power in his character.

All I can say is watch it. There is some drama fluff, especially near the end, that may frustrate, but overall it's a great ride. I loved this drama.

The Infamous Pig Scene:

Monday, 8 March 2010

Invincible Lee Pyung Kang/천하무적 이평강

Genre: Romance/Comedy

Language: Korean

Lee Pyung Kang is a hard-working girl who dreams of one day becoming a golf course designer, to follow in the footsteps of her deceased father. Woo On Dal is an arrogant, useless son and heir to a large golf resort where Pyung Kang works. Though strange circumstances, involving On Dal's evil step mother and step brother, they must join forces if they want to protect the golf course.

Can On Dal prove that he is worthy to be the heir?
Or will his step brother steal it, and his women?


I enjoyed this drama, it had a kind of...Lee Da Hae feel to it. The main girl is sassy, and determined, while the main guy is useless in the beginning, but turns out to be a good guy. Though the drama is starved for "eye candy" it makes up for it with endearing characters. From the neighbourhood ajussi(s), to the younger sister that acts like a grandma. Even the antagonists aren't as bad as you might think. I appreciated that the drama didn't draw out things it could have, e.g. Pyung Kang's mother's gambling addiction could have been been used just about anywhere to make the drama longer, but they just let it be, thankfully.

Nam Sang Mi did a great job, and like I said before, was very "Lee Da Hae" for me in this role. Ji Hyun Woo, also did a good job as the leading man. Throw in an ex-fiance, and long lost pen-pal, (both of who were just so-so in my opinion, however I think that they weren't given a lot to work with either) and you have a fun drama. I would recommend it.