Saturday, 14 March 2009

Super Junior Sorry Sorry MV with Subs

Courtesy of CJWTown

Pretty 멋있다(cool), although mostly all dancing. But what can you do with a 13 person boy-band really?

Interesting note if I change that just a little to this 맛있다 it becomes delicious...from ma....

Friday, 13 March 2009

My Little Chef/マイリトルシェフ

Genre: Comedy, Food
Language: Japanese

Kamosawa Seri is a gourmet french chef (it runs in her blood, her father was a gourmet as well until he lost his sense of taste.) She decides to move to the city, and allow her talents to flourish. She ends up opening her own restaurant.
This shows the story of her and how her food helps the people that come to her cafe.
Hmm this is a cute series. I remember finding it a little slow however. As well the lead is...a little wooden? Maybe its just with her more introverted, character personality. Nevertheless each episode pretty much follows the same lay-out, we get introduced to the customers, and their problems. Then it ends with her cooking amazing food, the story behind it, and resolving the issue. The food always looked so neat!

Not bad, it also has Abe Hiroshi (although not Comedic...)
Not a fav, but it isn't the worst that's for sure.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Super Junior Sorry Sorry Sorry

Oh stop your crying, I know did two posts in one day. Think of it as a treat, since I'll be gone for two weeks.

Have this song stuck in my head now. Guess that's what you call a good hook, right?

Not a huge Super Junior fan. Although I follow Kang-In on WGM.

Stupid Ear-Worm ;) becomes

So recently underwent a, so called, "major change" to become the all new, and improved However only a few days since the launch the site is down again...for the 3rd time I think? I can't be sure, I've lost count. I've been pretty patient so far, trying to tell myself as long as iknow is still in there it will be okay.
Here is how I see it so far (obviously the site is still in shakey mode, and isn't fully functioning as intended, I do realize that)
-Very centralized, less clicking, all at your "Home" tab.
-New interface
...ugly, and cold. I miss the more professional, and less harsh, feeling of iknow
-New Name
...not digging it, it's not a radio station, why fm? Plus iknow had an almost cute feel? Smart seems like...arrogant? Haha I'm really reading into this
-New Tabs
...I personally like having individual buttons for iknow, diction, and brainspeed
-Severe Downtime and Lag
...isn't this supposed to be the site OUT of beta?

*sigh* Whatever. I'll put up with it (what choice do I have.)
But know, I am not pleased!
And yes, for your info I didn't like the new facebook either. So there!

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Lovely Complex: Live Action/ラブコン

Please Note: This is a movie not a series

Genre: Romance/Comedy
Language: Japanese

Risa Koizumi is a "beanstalk" or "giant" compared to the average Japanese girl, her height being 5' 6". Whereas Atsushi Otani is a "chibi" or "midget" compared to the average Japanese boy, being only 5' 1". Both have had their hearts broken because of discrimination against their height.
Will they be able to over come their insecurities, and find love?

Wow...this is the cheesiest of the cheesies. Over-the-top and cheesy describe this drama well. I remember reading the manga, way back when, via scanlations. It was cute as a manga, however the movie...well...It's funny, in a dumb sort of way. Once you hit the Kane-san/New teacher, with his "Yoroshi Queeeeenn" you start to realize the ridiculousness of it all.

Amusing perhaps, if not just from the "Yoroshi Queeeen" bit. However it seems very...2d, not very deep or interesting. Anyone else seen this classic? ;)