Sunday, 28 December 2008

YesStyle Clothing 2 of 6

Website: YesStyle
Store Brand: Beige South Korean Brand
Quality: 2/5
Actually I wore this today, with a bright aqua necklace, looked cute.
I like this, even though it makes me look like a peasant.
It did shrink a lot though, compared to when I first opened the box!
Since none of the clothing I bought had labels on them, I just decided
I would wash them regularly (in a machine) and accept what would
happen. (Well actually my mom decided that, and I found out later.)
I liked it longer, however I am content with the shorter version :.
Just so you know though, the material is really thin.
Like...think thinner than those cheap graphic tees you get for $10 on sale ;).
It was pretty pricey too, although I tried to think of it as a shirt and a vest.
This shirt is no longer available to buy, I guess thats a good sign ^_^

means it was popular right?

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