Monday, 26 January 2009

Happy New Year! (again)

New Years, according to the lunisolar calender,
falls on January 26th this year.
Korean celebrate it by cooking up some ricedumpling soup,
bowing to their elders, and recieving money.

image taken from Beware it's in French...)
Ttokguk Soup above (rice dumpling soup)

I happened to get invited to eat some delish Korean food a few days ago.
As a sort-of an early New Years celebration... Although all we did was sit around and eat.
There was so much food xD I didn't want to seem like a total oddball I didn't bring my camera. So therefore I have no pictures of the food. *cue sad face*
However I decided to use my magic paint(photoplus) skills to bring to life my dinner.*cue children's crying out, "Yay!"*

I really didn't do it justice. Honestly those dumplings were huge, and I could only eat two. They showed me how you put that spicy sauce on the dumplings, cut it into quarters and then eat it. They tasted a lot like Gyoza. I didn't know if Koreans have a different word for Tempura, so I just stuck in the Japanese. Same with Daikon...I believe it's Mu in Korean. However most people will probably know it by Daikon. The kimchi was daikon style too. Everything was amazing tasting. I felt so full, but I was in heaven.

Do you celebrate New Years on the 26th? Tried any of the foods I described above? I'm not doing anything special but studying :(. Although I might search out some recipes from some of the items from above instead. >_>;

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XeroxtDave said...

I bet you have a really cute 'cute sad face'. The point is, I think I would rather be Korean and celebrate New Year's day today instead of not today... I guess um, that would be the first. Okay well I'm just saying that I've always enjoyed the Chinese New Year celebrations and the fact that they have animals for each year and their celebrations of the New Year seem so much more celebratory and official. Sigh. I wish I had Korean or Chinese friends here in Saskatchewan but they're all in Alberta. Anyway, happy Year of the Ox! Happy New Year!