Saturday, 17 January 2009

ハケンの品格 / The Pride of the Temp

This may look suspiciously belated, however I did write half of this last night, I just finished it today :P.
Genre: Comedy
Language: Japanese

Oomae is a killer worker. She makes big bucks, despite only being a temporary worker. She has some quirks though, she follows the clock exactly, and refuses to work overtime. She also never works anywhere longer than 3 months. She isn't exactly a friendly co-worker either, but she is extremely efficient. This entails her time working in a new division, with rooky "salarymen". Can she overcome and educate those with prejudices again temps?

This was a okay comedy. Nice to not have a typical main character with flaws, and clumsy emotions. Oomae is a little overbearing at times, however I enjoyed her. Sure the romance was uncalled for, but expected. I'd recommend this if you're looking for a break from all those fluffy romance comedies. This one is simply about a weirdo. A nice breath of fresh-air. xD I admit I was expecting a more tragic back story. Ah well we can't always get what we predicted (although it seems to be the way the jdrama world works).

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