Saturday, 31 January 2009

ドラゴン桜/Dragon Zakura

Genre: Highschool/Comedy/Drama
Language: Japanese

Sakuragi Kenji became a teacher as a last resort. He used to be a lawyer, but hadn't been making enough to get by. So he decides to boost his prestige, and that of the school's, by producing 5 successful Toudai, a top university, applicants. However the school he works with has some of the lowest scores in all of Japan! How will Kenji turn these kids around?

This one has a few stars in it when they were younger, like Yamashita Tomohisa, and Koike Teppei. This is an okay drama. Not too long either, 11 episodes. I basically love anything Abe Hiroshi does, and he did well in this, as he does in every show...although lately all he does is historical drama :-( I prefer his comedy..... Anyways, the actual story is okay, and has some good moments in it. The ending is a little disappointing, but I'm sure you've caught my negative feelings towards Japanese drama endings.

I think this would be interesting for someone to watch. Mainly because Abe Hiroshi is in it. If you like other Highschool Dramas, you probably will agree, that this is just "okay". See it for yourself. It's been a few years since I saw it :)

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