Saturday, 10 January 2009

ヒミツの花園/Hanazono's Secret

Language: Japanese

Tsukiyama Kayo is a magazine editor, or at least that's her title. In reality she is stuck being a "gopher" (go for this, go for that). One day she gets the chance to interview a famous manga artist. However, she once again is stuck doing errands for the assistants, to the artist. Finally she reaches her wits end, and discovers that they aren't really assistants at all! The famous mangaka is comprised of four brothers. As she keeps their secret, and helps them, she discovers more about herself and who she loves.

Wow...I watched this one awhile ago. I'll try to remember ;).
Basically it's not bad for a Japanese drama. Obviously there is the predictable predictability, but there were some good times too. I didn't recognize any of the actors at the time. I recognized the youngest brother, but I haven't watched any other series with him. I did remember Maya Miki, from "Attention Please"...I should do a review on that....A "maa-maa" movie, as in that it won't make anyone's top 10 list probably.

Final word: if you're looking for a drama that has some typical elements, but with new actors, try this out. I enjoyed watching it; I just don't remember anything special from it really, proving it to be rather forgetful.

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