Sunday, 4 January 2009

1%의 어떤 것/ 1% of Anything

(I know I'm a day late...pretend this is from last week please -_-;)
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Language: Korean
Kim Da Hyun is a sweet, and upright teacher. Lee Jae In is a hard-working business man, but has a short temper. After Da Hyun kindly assists Jae-in's grandfather, it starts the wheels turning. For Jae In to receive his grandfather's vast inheritance he must marry Da Hyun. As the story progresses you watch their interesting romance. Along with the romance of Jae In's cousin, and Da Hyun's sister. Then near the end there is one more couple to come, with Jae In's sister, and his best friend!
How will these couples survive, with opposition from all sides.
Is it possible, for people with such different backgrounds, and personalities really find happiness together?


I had read mixed reviews on this drama. Some people loved it, others found it too drawn out. I admit I think that this drama did not need the whole 26 episodes it presents. Perhaps I'm just too used to short Japanese dramas. Nevertheless I found it was draggy, and each new couples didn't hold much of my interest. I could put up with Tae-ya, Jae-in's cousin, and his girl. (Although I admit Tae-ya is pretty boring...) However when they added the third couple, only like 3 episodes from the end...I admit thinking, "enough is enough!". All 3 couples had the same problems, just with less and less character development per couple. If this had just stuck to Jae-in and Da Hyun, and ended a bit sooner it would have been better.

My final word is, if you're looking for a long drama, this is a pretty good one. Sure it gets draggy, but the middle isn't too bad. The main actors/couple do well though.

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