Tuesday, 20 January 2009

마녀유희/Witch Yoo Hee

Yes....I am actually early for once in my life!
(Expect the universe to collapse soon...)
Language: Korean

Ma Yoo Hee is a hardened business women,( a witch according to her employees) but she craves emotional attachment. She often goes on blind dates, but is rejected for her cold demeanour. One day she meets Chae Moo-Ryong, who ends up owing her a large sum of money. To repay it he becomes her love coach...and housekeeper. Their relationship helps Yoo Hee's inner qualities shine and she blossoms. However how will her life end up when she catches the attention of an old flame? Who will her heart choose?

This is another really good kdrama. I liked the leads, and they did well. Wasn't as cliched as most, and was truly enjoyable. Sure there was a few tedious love strands in the beginning, but those were smoothed out. The change that Han Ga In, Yoo Hee, portrays is really lovely. Plus I loved most of the fellows in this. Apparently this was one of Dennis Oh(neil) 's first shows in Korean. Sure...his "okay" in English, and other English phrases got annoying...but his face made up for it ;). I also get bored by too much, conflict not enough happy...so getting closer to the ending was a little tough for me. However I wasn't really antsy until the last episode or so.

So basically, this is another keeper. Not too long either, a reasonable 16 episodes.

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