Thursday, 15 January 2009

Starbucks Berry Chai


Yesterday I went to the "big city", and did some shopping.
Before we left, we stopped at Starbucks,
one of my favorite places in the world. <3>I normally get a chai, green tea, or strawberry frappucino.
However I decided to take a bit of an adventure,
and asked for aBerry Chai, it was one of the newest items on their list.
You can have it either iced, or warm. I wanted it as a frappicino,
but apparently that was just not possible.
So despite the chilly winter weather, I still went with the iced drink.
(I can't drink hot liquids well...ever since I was a child I've had a fear of burning my mouth...odd I know. To this day if I do drink hot chocolate, or the like, I wait for it to cool to almost a lukewarm temperature.)

...It wasn't very good.
(My mom told me to stop drinking it, otherwise I would get sick! xD) I did drink about half of it though. Both flavors separate were okay,
but was pretty strange.
The first sip was yummy *mmm berry juice*,
then you got hit with the spicy Chai..*...what is this?!*.

Chai is meant to be with sweet milk, and spices....Berry Juice...makes milk curdle.

Reminds me of another time when I took the plunge, and tried aChocolate-Raspberry Frappicino.
(I think I just get decision anxiety waiting in line; having people behind me, so that I make rash and stupid decisions.)
That beast was probably one of the most awful drinks I have ever swallowed.

Any bad drinks you've ever had? What were they?


XeroxtDave said...

I've had a really bad Irish Coffee. It was just too bitter and horrible. My previous experience had been a nicely sweet drink that made you sing about its greatness. This one not so much. Also, I know what you mean about the hot drinks. I always have to let mine get lukewarm or very close to it to drink it. I've burnt my mouth too many times in the past. I've also had bad slurpee experiences, which was really bad because I didn't want to just throw it out, that's too much of a waste! So I had to drink it and pretend it was a gorgeous... woman? Uh... yeah oh! A gorgeous woman but she's a smoker so she looks good but tastes bad. Ha ha, I just compaired women smokers to bad slurpee flavours. Not that all women who smoke look good.

Rashai said...

I think 'fruit' just doesn't mixed well with hot drink except in lemon tea...