Friday, 16 January 2009

風 Kaze's Restaurant

I know New Years was awhile ago, but good food is ageless right?
No? Mold is a serious factor, you say? Well...
On New Years, I went out for lunch at Kaze's Restaurant. A lovely Japanese restaurant with a selection of sushi, and other traditional Japanese food. Since it was New Years we got brought complimentary toshikoshi soba (...end of the old year, beginning of the new year, buck wheat noodles). Soo good! They were really delicious and I wanted to ask if we could order them next time too... (I admit I completely forgot about taking a picture of them until after I ate them....) For an appetizer we ordered Gyoza,(potstickers). (Again no picture, I'm awful aren't I?)

Then for the main meal I ordered a (pictured above) TempuraDon(buri). It was a bowl of rice, with tempura (battered & deep fried) shrimp, and vegetables. Their tempura is amazing. It is so light and fluffy, and it isn't greasy at all! It has a really "oishii" flavor.

Feat of Wonder: If you put them on a napkin, by the time your done eating, the napkin still looks clean!

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