Monday, 27 October 2008

Mennonite Fried Bread & Watermelon!

I've had this delicious combo before, and recently had it again,
so I decided to share it with the world!
(Or at least the one or two of you who read this.)
I haven't actually made any myself,
however next time my neighbors make it they said they will invite me over.
I too want to learn the mysterious ways of this food.
You can eat the bread with syrup or jam, however I prefer to eat it plain.
I am not one for tainting naturally, beautiful food.
The watermelon pictured above, although not seedless, was very sweet for so late in the season. All in all it was a great snack,
and reminded me of my Japanese friend
as we ate it together a few days before she returned home. Ah...memories.
Anyone else ever tried this delicacy?
I believe its proper name is Rollkuchen, or so my not-so-extensive-google-search tells me.


Anonymous said...

You called it correctly. Being Mennonite I've eaten a ton of it. =D

Rashai said...

Thanks for sharing that interesting delicacy, firs time heard about that but really wanna have a bite.. :-)
Please send me the recipe once you sneak into your neighbor kitchen.. :-)

Cartoonist62 said...

I never knew you were a Mennonite Shandi. Learn something new every day. :P Glad I was correct :D

Rashai, once I learn the recipie I will definatly post it up here. :D. I admit though the hot oil scares me a little ._.;