Thursday, 9 October 2008

One Litre of Tears/1リットルの涙

Perhaps one of the most famous Japanese tear-jerkers?

Genre: Drama, Tear-Jerker
Language: Japanese

This is a dorama based on the diary of a young girl, who became ill with a progressive disease (one that can't be cured.) Despite her daunting circumstances, and declining health, she decides to try her best to live her life to the fullest.

This was one of the few sad doramas I've watched. It was really touching, and you really begin to sympathise with the characters. To this day one particular scene still remains vivid in my mind. It really breaks your heart, to watch her declining so rapidly (literally since Jdramas seem to. almost always, have a max. 12 episodes.) I didn't cry during this, but I considered it.

I recognized a few of the actors, like Ryo Nishikido; but not the main girl, Erika Sawajiri, although she did do a good job.

So watch it, no it is not a comedy, but there are sweet moments too. (Not all heaviness :)

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