Friday, 10 October 2008

Geese Shooting!...(not really...)

Ah could this be....? A goose from my past?
Well not to long ago, as per every year, a bunch of geese landed in the field across the road. So I decided to try out my new camera with some wildlife shots! Long story short I actually ended up crawling under a neighbors fence just to get to the field...nevertheless I was not deterred. I enjoyed taking their photos, and they enjoyed keeping their distance. With one who enjoyed honking at me(pictured above), and scaring me away basically. (Don't worry I didn't get very close, all my pictures were, pretty well, taken with my 12x zoom.)

Now for story time. A few years ago there was a goose, who seemed to have separated from his comrades. He then decided to wander around my block. He stayed around for a day or so and even let people come up to him. So he got quite his share of bread, and such. Note: Geese do not seem to like small dogs. Now obviously it isn't the wisest choice to go petting wild animals! Don't attack me environmentalists! Anyways the bird stayed around for about a day, and then flew off, I guess.

No harm done. History has not repeated itself. So obviously the bird didn't decide that it would become the goose version of flipper, and hang out with us every year. Thinking about those geese in the field though, makes me think, I wonder if one of those geese is the goose...Hard to tell, since all them geese look alike. ;) As well I wonder how long do geese remember stuff, you'd think a long time, right? I mean migrating? That takes at least some memory skills.

Well there you go there is the deep, national geographic version of unread tales. Please note: no geese were harmed during the shooting of the above photo.


Oisterjosh said...

That's actually an interesting story. Usually I'd try think of some sort of way to bring some smackdown to your post, but I was pretty interested in the story. It reminds me of these birds, called Whiskeyjacks, or Grey Jays, that are pretty tame, and will fly up to you and eat bread out of your hand :)

Anonymous said...

It amused me like you always do. Actually your entire blog amuses me in such a delightful way.

Much love.