Monday, 27 October 2008

Yasuko to Kenji/ヤスコとケンジ

Genre: Comedy/Romance
Language: Japanese

Kenji is a manga artist who lives with his sister Yasuko and his two assistants. Their parents died when they were young; causing Kenji to leave his violent gangster past in exchange for something he could support his younger sister with. This dorama is the story of when Erika, also a previous gangster, and her younger brother Jun moves into town . Yasuko falls in love with Jun, while Erika is in love with Kenji. Can they overcome their barriers and find true love? Will they be able to overcome their character flaws and become one, big, happy, family?

This is probably one of the lamest dramas I have ever watched. I liked it, however it was far too cheesy for my likings. The main thing that kept me coming back was Matsuoka Masahiro as Kenji. The rest were such generic characters it was hard to stay interested. I particularly found the main heroine to be boring, and not very pretty. Her love interest, the supposed heart-throb, was pretty uninteresting to put it lightly. The script wasn't that good, and to be honest the actors weren't either. (Man I sound so harsh! >_>)

Well if you are looking for a drama with uncountable cliches, predictability, but with still enough funny to, maybe, keep you amused. This could be for you.

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