Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Nodame Cantabile/のだめカンタビーレ

Genre: Comedy/Romance
Language: Japanese

Nodame is a brilliant, but lazy piano player. She plays easily by ear, but doesn't bother to read the notes! She also is hopeless in everyday life, such as not bathing, and stealing food from her friends for lunch. One day she meets Chiaki, a man with no little talent, and falls in love. He is known as a top student with a major in piano, as well as being able to play the violin. However deep down he wants to become a conductor. Eventually the two begin a strange friendship, which eventually progresses into romance.

This is one of those cute romances I enjoy, lots of comedy to keep it going. Normally I get easily frustrated by stupid heroines, however Nodame (portrayed by Ueno Juri) is actually rather endearing. I think perhaps since she acts like a child, you don't expect as much from her... Chiaki (portrayed by Tamaki Hiroshi) isn't the typical heart-throb, but he is a good leading male.

This drama is really worth watching, and the music is gorgeous to listen to. ^-^


Rashai said...

Sounds like a movie with lots of fun.. any Japanese title? I like the funny ones as long as not too slapstick or 'stupid' ones :-)
I'd try to find the DVD here.
Btw, any favorite Japanese singer?

Cartoonist62 said...

Actually it isn't a movie, its a series, with around 10 episodes. Nodame Cantabile is the Japanese name :)

Hmm favorite singer, I have a few Cds of Arashi, News, Ayumi Hamasaki, that kind of thing which is nice pop music. I really like Yui too. I also find Shujishin amusing xD.

How about you?