Monday, 20 October 2008

I've Been Married to Hell/エラいところに嫁いでしまった!

Genre: Comedy
Language: Japanese

Kimiko Makimura marries into the Yamamoto family, via Isojirou, an incompetent, yet kind-hearted man. She soon learns that the Yamamoto family is no ordinary family, but one obsessed with traditions. As well her Mother-in-Law believes she can do no wrong; she believes that Kimiko wants to learn all the customs of their home, as quickly as possible. Each time she visits them she vows never to return, but nonetheless still gets sucked back. Each episode shows how Kimiko interacts with her new in-laws and their quirks.

Just finished this one last night. (Watched some of this series with my mom.) An alright drama. If your looking for something kind of dopey, but sweet, this is it. The whole series is a bit slow, but you do grow to really like some of the characters. Kimiko, (who is played by Nakama Yukie, the lead in Gokusen) does well. The mother-in-law played by Matsuzaka Keiko is really endearing, and quite the loving mother. However I admit the ending, like in many Jdoramas, is rather weak. I didn't even realize it was the finale until I looked at the title half way through the episode....

Anyways so in a nutshell not the best drama ever, but definately a family watch. If you are looking for a time killer this is a cute, short series with only 9 episodes.

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Rashai said...

I watched this drama last year, not the best drama.. I agree but I still enjoyed this funny series though, maybe just because I like funny movies and not really into the teary ones, but I also like thriller and cop stories as well, I really like Ryoko Shinohara in UNFAIR.. :-)