Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Kimi wa Petto/きみはペット

Genre: Romance/Comedy
Language: Japanese

One day a downtrodden business women, Iwaya Sumire, stumbles upon an unconcsious good-looking fellow, stuffed into a box. She then proceeds to attempt to rescue him by bringing him back to her apartment. Long story short she allows him to stay only if he becomes her pet. That means eating, sleeping, not talking...basically to be an animal. (she even pets him....>_>) Eventually they bond and you get to watch their relationship evolve and how they react to problems.

Ah this was one of the first shows I watched. With the famous Matsumoto Jun. (I remember my host-mom loved him, even had pictures of him on her phone xD.) It was okay, not my favorite, but it had it's moments. Matsumoto Jun was cute in his role. Kiyuki was a solid enough career women, she portrayed the realization up of her character's feelings well.

With a slightly shifty story line, and a relatively predictable ending, Kimi wa Petto still becomes a good dorama. I would say if you have some time to burn, may as well try this for wood.


Rashai said...

Hi, I love J-Drama too..!
Like your site, can I link your blog?
I am trying to find J-drama called " Kekkon Dekinai Otoko", have you watched that one?


Rashai said...

Thanks for referring the crunchyroll site to me. I have linked your site...