Saturday, 8 November 2008

Returning to Japan

I was accepted to go to Japan again...

(Taken in Asakusa).

I get to go for longer, probably two weeks :D.
Since the time we go is inbetween their school years,
I get to go to a week of school
(since they only get a week off between, weird I know)
I will even get to wear my friends old uniform ^-^, I hope it's the same as everyone elses...

(Taken from Tokyo Tower)
I also get to stay with the same host family, as last year,
the same home where my exchange student, this summer, came from.
Ahh I can't wait to see them all again!
(Taken in Tokyo Disneyland)
I can't wait to stock up on Japanese music! With my new camera I can take double the pictures I took last year, plus I will be staying double the time. Last year in a week I took 300+ photos >_>. I'm the worst gift buyer though, and hardly bought anything last year, except for music xD. Most of my presents brought home were omiyagi (gifts from my host family.)
Please give me gift ideas for my host family!
The Japanese are huge into gifting, but I'm not too imaginative.
Plus I used up all my ideas last year and this summer :( .
(You have to give gifts when going and recieving)
Last years presents: (Everything had Canada insignias on them)
-Key chains
-Little gift boxes
-Maple Syrup
-Maple Cookies
-Bouncy Balls
-Nature Books
-Jelly Bellys (I realize not Canadian :P)
-My mother crocheted a blanket
-I also brought pancake mix, 4 types of home-made jam, Canadian paper plates, and napkins. Then I made them a pancake breakfast :D.
Warning: Jam is a very heavy when thinking about weight in luggage :O
....and more, I just can't remember right now :(
So taskute kudasai ! (Please help!)
I'm sure you have imaginative gift ideas :D.
So far I've thought of...socks....and Archie Comics....

1 comment:

Rashai said...

Gift ideas?.. depend on what they like, let's say if they like coffee (like most of Japanese I know), you can get some good coffee, or wine maybe?
something different? maybe small digital key-ring where you can upload your pics with them.

300 photos in a week? you can't be serious.. I took more than 300 photos in a single day when I was in Tokyo last Christmas :-)
If you have a chance, please take some pics around Shibuya-Harajuku, those places are my favorite in Tokyo .. ;-)

Bon Voyage! Enjoy your holiday !