Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Kurosagi/ クロサギ (dorama)

Genre: Action/Romance
Language: Japanese

Kurosagi is about a young man whose entire family was killed, by his father, after his father lost all his money to a scam. Kurosagi then vowed to remove all the swindlers from the world, by beating them at their own game. He hopes to avenge his family in this way. One day, however, he meets Yoshikawa who strongly objects to his way of life, and tries to get him to change. How will their relationship evolve? Will Kurosagi ever get caught?

Ah who doesn't love Yamashita Tomohisa? This is one of my favorite series. Each episode envolves a different swindler that Kurosagi must face. The way he wins back the money is always interesting. Kind of like a modern day....Robin Hood. The last few episodes are pretty heart-racing too, if I recall correctly.
There isn't too much romance, which is nice for this type of show. Horikita Maki does okay, but really she wasn't what kept me watching the show. Thankfully it isn't all, "damsel-in-distress" or "stupid-girl-getting-in-the-way". She is more like a side plot.

Watch this. Enough said, it's really a very cool show.


Rashai said...

I agree, it's a good series and I heard there is Kurosagi the movie as well, haven't found it though..do you know about that?
Btw, when you're going to Tokyo? have a nice trip..

Cartoonist62 said...

You can find Kurosagi(movie) here: http://www.mysoju.com/kurosagi-movie/ :).
As for my Japan trip thats not until March :( . We actually are mainly in the Ibaraki area, but we do go to Tokyo for a bit since it is, relatively, nearby.
So it's a little early for packing yet... hehehe. ;)

Rashai said...

Thanks for the movie link..