Tuesday, 25 November 2008

풀하우스/Full House

Genre: Romance/Drama
Language: Korean*
(*will start putting this here, since I will be reviewing both Japanese and Korean shows)

Han Ji-eun lives byherself, in "Full House", a home her parents built. One day her two closest friends, give her a ticket for a dream vacation! Though slightly suspicious she finally agrees to go. Only to find out shes been swindled; not just the vacation, but her house was sold while she was gone as well! Long story short she calls out to Lee Young-jae, a movie star she met on her trip. They set up a contract, where she will agree to marry him for 6 months, after that they will divorce and she can keep the house.
All seems like it will go according to plan, but what about Lee Young-jaes feelings for Kang Hye-Won, his childhood friend since the age of 9. As well, will Han Ji-eun accept Yoo Min-Hyuk feelings for her, despite the marriage contract? It becomes quite the love square!

Finished this one last night. Such a good drama. It has an okay ending, and is strong all the way through. The characters are lovable and believable. I got rather sucked in, mainly by the two leads: Bi(Rain) and Song Hye-kyo.

The original idea of a marriage by contract is pretty crazy, but it shows how two people can fall in love, even with many differences. By being able to see all sides of a person, it allows you to become closer right? Like family I guess. Anyways this is a good watch. Korean dramas are known for their slow-pace, but this one isn't bad, at 16 episodes it is definitely watchable.


Rashai said...

It has been more than 3 years since I watched this series and still got the soundtrack as my ringtone :-) Like Song Hye Kyo very much in this series , and actually I am a big fan of her!

XeroxtDave said...

Does a house still have purpose if no one uses it? Is a room a room when there is no one to occupy it? Also I like John Stamos.