Monday, 17 November 2008

Lunch Queen/ランチの女王

Genre: Comedy/Romance/Food...
Language: Japanese

Natsumi's favorite time of the day is lunch! Food is one of her passions, and she loves trying new restaurants. One day she runs into a distraught young man, Kenichiro, who asks her to pose as his fiance. Somehow she agrees to it, and ends up being abandoned by front of his family! His brothers feel obliged to take care of her, and she begins working at their family restaurant.
Over time all the brothers start to care for Natsumi.
Who will Natsumi's heart really beat for, of all the brothers?
Wow, I watched this one a long time ago.
Still, if my memory serves me well, this was a cute series.
Normal dramas have long shots of good-looking fellows,
or the heroine, this one has long, dreamy shots xD.
They really get across the "in-a-restaurant" feel,
and watching will often make you hungry!
The ending isn't great, but that's not completely unusual for this kind of show.
I recognized a few of the minor actors, like: Ito Misaki(Kiken Na Aniki), Yamada Takayuki (Water Boys), and Yamapi...(Who doesn't know this guy?!) :).
In closing, its a okay way to waste 12 hours.
Go ahead watch the story unfold, there's even a bit of action, involving a criminal!

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Rashai said...

Love that series... mmm remains me of their Omurice! yummy lunch...:-)