Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Hiatus? Not really.

So nothing new as of lately. Still tooting away on the trumpet (fuufuufuu), I can even hit a high C now.

Recently it has been under discussion, my lack of transportation, to and from work;
besides when people give me a ride.

-My mother, (Love you mom...if you can find this...no I'm not talking to stalkers...not I haven't given out my phone number....) is convinced that in our town of 3000 people, at most, that I will get mugged and/or worse. So therefore walking is off of my list of transportation.

-Biking, my family says I'm no good. True words out of my mother's mouth, "well...I could let you bike....if you were any good at it...." (Oh stay my wounded heart)
Now I am an average biker. I can't do anything fancy... like signal, or stand up, and occasionally the kickstand is tricky...but I feel confident in my skill.

-I don't have my license yet, but soon. Though I am faaarrr too cheap to buy a car, or gas, or insurance, and my chances of having the family car all day are slim too. So automobiles are off the list too.

Therefore I am still henceforth dependent upon my parents', and other people's good will. Perhaps someday I can prove to my family that I am not a weakling. Maybe after I finish the 100 push up challenge, I can do about 10 today which was better then 1 a few days ago, helps now that I know how to do them properly.... or perhaps when I finally do a back-flip...or maybe one day when I get back from climbing the Appalachian region of mountains with a group of Yakuza....ah yes one day...

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