Thursday, 31 July 2008

V300 Canon Wordtank

Well my import from Japan finally arrived. What was my import you might ask?
In case you forgot to read the title....
Why it was a V300 canon Wordtank,
which means an electronic Japanese-English dictionary.
The main reasons I chose this model was the touch screen/stylus.

No real problems with it, enjoying it, and can't wait to try using it when my
Japanese exchange student comes on Monday.
Only walls I ran into were finding the English part in the manual.
As it wasn't near the back, it was in the middle somewhere.
As well as trying to figure out how to change the menu and
such into English.... Anyways those hurdles were overcome.

Now all I need to discover is why it won't take my SD cards, despite that it should,
as it has a mp3 player. My SD card is even Canon. :O

Well that is the exciting new for 7:38 tonight. (That's right I'm Pacific time, be jealous.)
Perhaps I will have more later.

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Oisterjosh said...

It could have something to do with there being 2 different types of SD cards. I think 4G and up (or maybe 8) are high-storage or whatever, and may be different.