Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Japanese: yes or no?

So I went to Japan, been there, done that, want to do it again.
Now I have a Japanese family, *mochiron ^-^*, from my home stay.
I phone them....I'd say once a month maybe.
I normally ask for the mom, because if I don't this is what my conversation sounds like.
(My questions translated)

Me: So are you good?
Japanese-twin: un
Me: Is the weather good?
Japanese-twin: un
Me: Do you have school today?
Japanese-twin: unUun
Me: So...what are you doing today?
Japanese-twin: ano.....etooooo.......wakarimasen. Betsuni....
*translation: ummm...aaaahhh....I don't know.....nothing.....*
(long pause)
Me: Well...talk to you later
Japanese-twin: un

So here is your Japanese lesson for today, "un" and "unUun" mean "yes" and "no" respectively. "No" is basically "yes" with a warble. It's informal, but that's how much they love me.
Back in Japan, I personally would warble it willy-nilly, just to be a rebel.
So basically head nodding or shaking was essential when I used them.

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