Sunday, 20 July 2008


So I watch Japanese television. Who doesn't right? I've watched around 30 series from start to finish...with 12 episodes each (approx.) an hour long...that equals out to....around 360 hours.
I realize it's not that impressive compared to others, but I only started last summer.

Recently I decided I would just, "try" watching a Korean show called, "We Got Married".
To be honest my hopes weren't too high.
I had watched two Korean movies so far, and one was slower then I would of liked, and the other was plain...ungood/dumb.
(am I going to get flamed by Kdrama lovers for saying this? Haha like anyone reads this anyways)
Anyways I am now officially hooked, and currently on episode 10. I started watching them...yesterday if I remember correctly. Even wilder, I watch them with my mom. She thinks the show is hilarious (I think she's become way too attached, she even cried when Alex left....) Love you mom...<3.

So now I am into Korea, south anyways ahaha, and I really want to learn Korean.
It's not as shallow as just because I watched a show though.
I have read a few travel and educational books about Korea, and found it really interesting.
Now watching the show I find myself really liking their culture,
and the language sounds great too.
I'm doing the best I can do on the computer.
Sadly it's not a school course; like I could get it at my school anyways....
So I am stuck trying to either con a Korean person into teaching me, or trying to teach myself.
I don't think I have the dedication for either...

Other then that, nothing new or exciting. Other than that I finally have purchased a Japanese-English dictionary. Canon Wordtank V300, in pink, should be here in a week. ^_^ I'm excited.

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