Thursday, 31 July 2008

Hmmm I don't feel like going back to gr.8...

Well I just was looking at the average height & weight for teenagers here:
I was comparing myself, and thought, "oh man! I'm in such a young range" but then realized I was looking at the boy graph. ahahaha
So I scrolled a bit further and realized it was still, "oh...maybe I really am short..."
As I fit under the 12-13 year old range.

Now really I'm...muscular and uh...really rather tall, 6'1 at least.... statuesque girl...people even call me muscles at school...I'm sure....
Nonetheless this sorry little spreadsheet says I am only in the range of baby gr. 7-8'ers ;_;.

Boohoo, ah well I keep telling people I still have a foot left, which would bring me up to 7 '1 (or rather in reality 6'1. ). Trust me I can feel it. Just need to start downing the milk. I think the reason I'm short is probably from my time scrunched up sitting in a computer chair. Yeah that's it. Although if shortness is the price to pay for my computer <3 I think I'm pretty close to paying my dues...

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