Monday, 28 April 2008

Beginning is easy, continuing is harder....

Well, because I'm cool like that, I am going to start blogging on occasion. Probably not enough for anyone to bother reading, and hopefully not enough for anyone to stalk me.

Lets see...The most interesting thing that I have done recently is....attempted to play the trumpet.

Now, I play the piano, Gr. 8 in Piano Conservatory, taking my exam soon too. Nonetheless recently at a music festival a friend let me try her trumpet. Despite my music teacher telling me he couldn't hear my trumpet, because of the elephants screaming (harhar Mr.M) , I thought "hey lets keep trying this thing". So yesterday and today, I have tried to practise, though being banished to the far corners of the household was a little down putting. As of now, I can barely hit a G, and I've only hit an A once. Though for now I shall continue to be optimistic.

I do have the tendency to not have the discipline required for learning a new instrument; because of that I can only play some accordion, recorder, and one song on the guitar. Though I do want to try picking up the accordion again soon, but it's pretty heavy. (cue laughter) So I shall perhaps keep you updated as to my progress, if it happens....

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