Friday, 13 February 2009


Wow, this post was a pain! Had to re-write it all out after an attempt at embedding the soundtrack failed....
Genre: Drama, Baseball
Language: Japanese

Koichi Kawato is an, always, optimistic high school teacher. When he arrives at his new school he discovers the remnants of the old baseball team. Now it mainly comprises of a bunch of bad kids who smoke, and do other delinquent-y things; since being suspended from playing baseball because of initiating a violent attack against an opposing team. Koichi becomes determined to return the baseball club back to its former glory.

He teaches the kids how to never give up, and to fight for their dreams!

This is actually quite a good drama. (Although I'm probably a bit biased xD) A very feel-happy, empowering, style drama. You get sucked into it, even if you aren't into baseball :P. You grow to recognize the faults, and strengths of each member of the club. Plus Koichi, despite being optimist, isn't an idiot (most of the time)! Bonus!

Even just the theme song brings back such warm memories. (Kiseki by Greeeen. for your information)I watched this last summer with Rei, my host-sister, and it reminds me of our time together. We watched the drama series in a week, only 11 episodes, and fully enjoyed ourselves (It was also the first, and essentially only, time I ever used bit-torrent too....)

Watch this. I hope you end up with good memories of it too. It has a pretty satisfying ending from what I remember.....I admit, I had to watch the last two episodes without eng-subs. However.... I understood most of it, just horse-guy's Japanese threw me :P.
Plus...Shirota Yuu is in it too....♥....>_>;

Random Fact: Greeeen, the artists that sing the theme song are all dentists (or in school to become one), and have never shown their faces before to the public. Weird eh?

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