Saturday, 21 February 2009

My Girl/마이걸

Genre: Romance/Drama/Comedy
Language: Korean

Joo Yoo Rin is, sadly, in a difficult position. Her father has racked up debt, and she is now being chased my money collectors. She helps herself to an abandoned house, but is soon discovered by the rich owner Seol Gong Chan. He eventually asks her to pretend to be his long, lost cousin.; as his grandfather is in dire straits.

How will things end up when Gong Chan starts to fall in love with Yoo Rin? Especially since his best friend, Seo Jung Woo, is also in love with her! Plus he has a girlfriend already! Who will Yoo Rin choose, and will their trail of lies catch up with them?

Wow, another fabulous drama. I really liked this one....almost better than Full House (which is saying something.) It falls into a few pitfalls, like other dramas, such as some predictability. However it really isn't too bad! It doesn't drag things out unnecessarily either. I remember at one point expecting it to really milk something for episodes to come, but it was resolved in-episode. Finally! A drama with a little common sense! I admit the last few episodes disappointed me a bit, : ( drawn out more then I expected. The last episode seemed....hmm....strange. However I was content when it finished, cute, simple, the end.

I highly recommend this. Watch this now! pali!

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Rashai said...

I watched this one too, recently most of the Korean dramas have a happy ending which is good since I don't really like the sad one. I remember Korean series from early 2000, most of them have tragic ending either accident, leukemia or even worse scenario.