Saturday, 14 February 2009

♥♥Happy Valentines Day♥♥

Well, its that sappy day again....
I worked, and nothing too special happened. Sold a lot of flowers....
(yay for taking buckets of almost-useless flower pictures, that are good for all occasions!)
However one kind customer bought me chocolates.
Strange, yes.
I thank you, Chili-Cheese-Potato-Skin-Man
(as I don't know your name, but remember the recipe you told me)
and I hope you, and everyone else has had a good v-day.
(I shared the chocolate kisses, so your good deed was spread through-out the staff :)

What did everyone else do today?
I personally think Valentines is basically for married people or couples,
so basically I'm not involved.

Can't wait for April 14th, then it's Black Day!
Where those of us without significant others eat black noodles (Korean Style :D )

1 comment:

XeroxtDave said...

I've never come across this "Black Day" Or at least not that I've paid attention to it. As I am single, I would be interested in this black noodle experience. I need to find some Korean friends so they can show me their ways.
Also, I'm pretty sure Valentine's is a rediculous holiday if you are single... what are you going to do? Buy yourself chocolates and flowers? That's not a holiday, that's every second tuesday night. Probably. There needs to be a holiday for singles. Oh wait, I guess that's the point of Black Day. Well okay then.