Saturday, 28 February 2009

At Home Dad/ アットホーム・ダッド

Genre: Comedy/Family
Language: Japanese

Kazuyuki Yamamura was a proud business man, who looked down on his neighbor Sugio Yusuke, a stay-at-home dad. However one day the tables are turned and his wife becomes the bread winner, while he is forced to take care of the house and his child.
How will his daily life go? Will he survive being an At Home Dad?

I watched this awhile ago, when I was all gung-ho Abe Hiroshi :). From what I can remember I quite enjoyed it. I normally...hate? too harsh....prefer not to watch shows with elementary aged children in it. They wreck everything T_T trying to be funny or insightful or what-have-you.....Anyways this one does okay, and thankfully focuses on him(Kazuyuki) and his journey to...home-maker status?

Cute comedy; although it's no kekkon dekinai otoko, but hey substitute the dog for a kid, and the wife for...his steak? There you go! (Probably the worse analogy every used)
Actually scratch that, just watch it as a family-friendly comedy and be done with it.

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