Monday, 3 August 2009


So heres the thing,
laziness+summer+work+studying+searching-for-a-social-life =
less blogging.
However it doesn't equal less drama watching!
I have 5 dramas on the go currently...with 2 just about finished.
I could blog something I watched ages ago, but that's not as fun right?
Two Korean remakes of Japanese dramas, a historical drama, the classic-of-classic Korean Dramas, and romance?
So reviews are on their way, eventually, once I finally finish some of these :D.

My Dramas (listed closest to finale-farthest)
Coffee Prince
Boys Over Flowers
That Fool
He Who Can't Marry
Queen Seon Duk (50 Episodes T_T)

>_> and Happy B.C. Day....

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