Monday, 27 July 2009

Attention Please/アテンションプリーズ

Genre: Comedy
Language: Japanese

Youko is a tomboy/rocker-chick, who finds herself at a where she needs to choose her path for life. Youko wanted to confess her love, but he left on a to the big city before she could. She begins job hunting, and decides to go to a Flight Attendant interview, and somehow passes.
So this drama chronicles the ups and downs of her training, plus a smidgen of romance.

Can Youko really become a put-together, and gentile "Cabin Attendant".

Hmm typical Japanese quirky humour? Is that what I'd call it? I didn't mind this series, not a favorite though. I mainly found it interesting to see what the training for an air stewardess' job is. The main girl is a little....annoying? Exasperating? A little too "Ganbarimasuse" ?

If you're interested in the life of a Flight Attendant, then sure watch this. If you like overly perky, slang-using heroines, then watch this. If not, then...don't watch this drama.

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