Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Wonder Girls: The Wonder Years

Since the Wonder Girls are growing some recognition in America
(thanks to the Jonas Brothers)
I figured now is as good a time as ever, to review their first "full-length" album.
Currently they are touring around North America with the Jonas Brothers.
I'm not a fan of the Jonases,
but their preteen crowd is probably the most receptible to a more "cute" girl band.
Wonder Girls Hwaiting!
Title: The Wonder Years
Artist(s): The Wonder Girls
Genre: Pop
Released: September 13, 2007
Language: Korean
This album contains many hits, from "Tell Me", to "Irony". I prefer the electric "Headache" or pop-y "이 바보" finding them stuck in my head more than anything else. Though there are ballads, they aren't the main focus. The whole album has a bit of a "club" feeling. The strong off-beats give a very hiphop pop feel (heard particularly in "Move").

Has a fun feel. I'd recommend it.

"Tell Me" MV with Subs

Courtesy to View3045

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Anonymous said...

I started listening to the WGs a week before they came here to the U.S. I'm half-Korean but my only interest in things that are Korean has been to speak the language fluently. I'd never listened to any KPop prior to this summer. I don't fit the typical demographic for this type of pop music and I prefer hard rock and hiphop. But while watching Korean shows on YouTube, I stumbled onto the WGs and got hooked. It's actually quite embarrassing but I now the album on my iTunes.

While I agree on "Headache," "이 바보" is actually my least favorite on the album. "I Wanna" and "뭐 어때" are my favorite and would sound great for U.S. audiences. "가져가" is my favorite of the ballads.